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Providing options to create your own AFSL support package.

Mix & match modules to suit the specific needs of your business. Whether you are new to self-licensing or are a seasoned operator.

Lifespan Partnership offers a very adaptable, flexible offering designed to suit each and every unique self-licensee.

Here are details of a few of the modular packages available.

 Bundled StarterBundled EngageBundled low-touchVirtual only
Virtual ServicesYYYY
Partnership ProgramYYYY
Governance & ComplianceYYY 
Education & TrainingYY  
Practice ConsultancyYY  
AFSL application servicesY   
Package 1

Bundled Starter Package

Includes AFSL application services + Virtual Services + Partnership Program +  Compliance + Practice Consultancy + Education & Training

This package is specifically designed for aspiring self-licensees seeking assistance with their AFSL application, including guidance, templates and assistance with the completion of all application requirements, including proofs and other required documentation.

This package includes a commitment to all four modules within the Lifespan Partnership suite for a period of 12 months post AFSL issuance.

We have set this requirement based on our experience with newer self-licensees, whom we have found appreciate a broader level of support as they settle into their own licence over the first twelve months.

Upon expiry, clients are then free to reduce their level of module support to a more low-touch arrangement if they prefer.

Package 2

Bundled Engage Package

Includes Virtual Services + Partnership Program + Compliance + Practice Consultancy + Education & Training

This package includes all modules in the Lifespan Partnership suite.

Whatever lifecycle stage your AFSL may be at, this bundle is designed to engage and support you as comprehensively as possible.

This package is perfect for AFSL holders who are growing and developing and/or who want to devote more time to their clients and the advice they give, by maximising the outsourcing of practice management functions and AFSL support.

Many newer licensees will also appreciate this bundle as it will enable them to re-set their business, with support provided in many areas of practice management, including re-developing a CVP, reconfirming their cost to serve or even re-evaluating their staff roles and responsibilities.

The Practice Consultancy module is designed to be delivered via a quarterly face-to-face program, with a focus on business planning, client pricing and segmentation, staff assessment and many other operational aspects that are key to business efficiency, harmony and evolution.

We understand your licence is your own, and the journey is yours, but we are here to help you, whatever your individual needs might be.

Package 3

Bundled Low Touch Package

Includes Virtual Services + Partnership Program + Compliance

This package is typically suited to a more mature AFSL holder with seasoned operators at the helm, driving a solid business identity and with robust operational processes and support frameworks in place.

The mainstay of support is a suite of invaluable best practice compliance resources that are maintained and updated, and backed by an independent compliance professional and a privately owned licensee, ensuring their quality and reliability.

An annual file audit, Responsible Manager training and a Compliance Manual incorporating policies and procedures is included in this bundle.

Package 4

Virtual Services Only

For AFSLs seeking online access only to a comprehensive library of licensing support documents, tools, templates and much more.

You can subscribe to virtual services as a stand-alone option. This is perfect for self-licensees who are comfortable with the way they do things, but prefer a sense of community, and some additional support that is digitally driven.

We have expanded this offer to include access to online technical support, an MDA & model portfolio service, digital PD Days, digital webinars and a full suite of advice templates.

This package also includes access to our Partnership Program that includes more than 40 well-respected external providers. Many of these providers offer discounts for Lifespan Partnership Clients.

Our Services

Virtual Services

For self-licencees seeking a virtual community connecting your AFSL online to valuable tools and resources.

Governance & Compliance

Experienced compliance support at both an adviser and AFSL level to ensure you meet your licence requirements.

Practice Consultancy

A formalised quarterly program delivered face-to-face designed to assess your practice’s efficiency & profitability.

Training & Education

Provision of a comprehensive range of professional development opportunities, including conferences, online and face-to-face learning.

AFSL Application

An end-to-end AFSL application service, including liaising with ASIC, to get you started in your own AFSL.

Partnership Program

A program which provides partners with exclusive benefits, access to discounts and an expertise hub to connect you to the services you need.