Why a Lifespan Partnership self-licensee solution could work for you

Whether you’re an existing self-licenced AFSL looking to outsource some internal functions to an experienced, well-resourced partner, or you’re taking your first steps towards navigating the complexities of transitioning to self-licensing, the flexibility of a service like Lifespan Partnership, where you can match the service and support to suit your needs, might be just right for you.

Designed for existing and aspiring Self-Licensees

As an existing self-licensed firm, mounting regulation and the rising cost of providing advice may have prompted the decision to outsource some of your internal functions. Alternatively, for those seeking to become self-licensed, you may be requiring assistance in applying, obtaining and transitioning to your own AFSL.

Recognising that each business has typically their own unique journey and life cycle that often dictates different support needs at different times, our services can be tailored to meet your needs. 

Backed by a privately owned and established Dealer Group

The Lifespan Partnership solution has been designed based on feedback from self-licensees, who stressed the need for services to be provided on a user pays basis, and with the added benefit of connectivity with a broader industry network. Lifespan Partnership leverages the longstanding licensee services of Lifespan Financial Planning to provide a suite of packages, together with additional service offerings.

The offering facilitates the expert delivery of services that a self-licensed AFSL would typically be seeking to outsource, rather than build or develop themselves. Lifespan Partnership also incorporates a Partnership Program designed to connect industry participants with self-licensees for AFSL obligation purposes and to promote operational efficiency.

Spend more time delivering quality advice

Our service delivery can ensure that managing your own AFSL doesn’t impact on the time you spend with your clients.

Whether seeking assistance to manage day-to-day compliance, advice and monitoring, or education and training, choosing Lifespan Partnership support will free up more time for you to focus on providing excellent service and advice for your clients, at a competitive cost.

No matter where you are in your self-licencing journey, a modular offering can assist you by reducing risk, leveraging expertise, and delivering a robust, cost-effective and flexible solution, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Contact Tony Mantineo, National Practice Consultant – Head of Lifespan Partnership, at tony.mantineo@lifespanpartnership.com.au for a confidential discussion on whether Lifespan Partnership may be the right next step for you.

Lifespan Partnership is aligned with Lifespan Financial Planning, one of Australia’s largest family run and privately-owned adviser networks, with no ownership links to any bank, fund manager or insurance provider. For over 25 years, Lifespan has partnered with advisers to build successful businesses through the provision of quality advice services. Lifespan knows that advisers need security, especially in these challenging times with support through understanding and solutions to achieve sustainable growth.

Photo by phil sheldon ABIPP on Unsplash

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